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“Our old website didn’t capture the warm and welcoming environment pet owners experience when they set foot in our building.”

Michelle Friedman, AMC’s Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Best in show.

The Animal Medical Center (AMC) is the largest nonprofit animal hospital in the world. With over 100 doctors spanning 17 specialities, pet owners can be certain they will receive compassionate clinical care. The hospital’s new website needed to emulate the warmth and trustworthiness of the veterinarians without sacrificing professionalism and discipline.

There’s no question: taking your pet to the vet can be an anxiety-inducing experience. AMC’s website mediates these negative feelings in a variety of ways. The home page welcomes visitors with light-saturated photography of adorable animals. Visitors can explore various health success stories, prepare for their visit by running through a helpful checklist and virtually meet all of AMC’s dedicated doctors.

Though AMC was not seeking new patients, they wanted to be able to engage the pet-owning community in other ways. We built out a robust library of pet health resources, where pet owners can read up on popular health topics, watch how-to videos and sign up for informational events – all veterinarian-approved, of course.

AMC is always looking towards the future and we’re so honored to continue to help them grow. We recently designed and launched their Gift of Love capital campaign page, which will add thousands of square feet to the hospital, providing new opportunities for their staff and furry friends.

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“We love working with Great Believer! They provide near-constant support with web updates and we completely trust their judgement when it comes to our upcoming pursuits.”

Michelle Friedman, AMC's Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
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