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“Locally led food banks are key to building better, more sustainable food systems, but our current website wasn’t telling this important story.”

Ahlea Isabella, GFN’s Digital Communications Manager


Food for thought.

The Global Foodbanking Network (GFN) works to reduce food insecurity and food waste through uniting and advancing food banks. After years of settling for the shortcomings of their old website – including a challenging user experience that complicated the journey for key audiences – GFN was eager for a digital presence that better represented their work and properly positioned them as a thought leader.

We knew GFN’s logo needed to stay as is, but we had the organization’s blessing to explore new territory regarding complementary colors, fonts and graphics. With this degree of creative freedom, we were able to share a range of design themes for their new website. GFN was most drawn to a theme that used collages to showcase their incredible photography, putting the food and people front and center, representing the core of GFN’s work, and differentiating their website from peers.

With our design theme in place, we set out to create two expansive infographics that explained the essence of GFN’s work. Given the complexity of their model, we worked closely with GFN’s team to make sure the details were spot on. The result are two immersive pages that blend storytelling, design and animation: Our Role in Food Systems and Our Community-Led Approach.

From a web development perspective, we built an optimal experience for visitors and administrators alike. On the front-end, we employed an animation strategy that compelled users to continue their journey without distracting from the content. We also made sure the collages look great across different screen sizes, maintaining the photo-centric vibe of the site without making sacrifices.

Given the complexity of GFN’s website (the infographic pages, in particular), we built a back-end that closely mirrors how content appears on the front-end. This comparable viewpoint simplifies the process of updating each page. We simplified things further by connecting related data. For example, when a new country is added to their food bank network, related updates are automatically made to the Global Reach map and elsewhere.

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Expanding the branding.

Beyond the website, we designed and built editable templates for GFN to utilize across social media, Mailchimp and PowerPoint. These materials carry on the style of the new website and empower GFN to communicate across different channels with consistency.


GFN’s new website received the Innovation Design Award and User Interface Design Award from CSS Design Awards! 🍉 🥕 🥑

We’re so proud of all of this work and so glad that GFN gave us the creative freedom to do our thing. This project felt like a true partnership from the get-go – a dynamic filled with mutual trust and respect – and we can’t wait to deepen our partnership in the years to come.

“Our new site brings visitors through a cohesive journey, showcasing GFN and our partner food bank’s rigorous and data-driven work while centering what is most important: people and the planet.”

Ahlea Isabella, GFN's Digital Communications Manager
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