Here’s the Story

Before Great Believer, we spent our days toiling away corporate clients. Antsy for more meaningful work, we sought out side projects with mission-driven clients – the kind of work we believed in. These projects made us happier and more fulfilled than ever before. At that point, there was no turning back.

We quit our jobs and dove into the nonprofit space, putting us face-to-face with the disconnect between the power of an organization’s mission and the quality of its design. Great Believer was born so nonprofits could spend their valuable time saving the world – and look great while doing it.

Today, Great Believer is a design agency for nonprofits specializing in web, branding and print. Our team of Believers is uniquely talented and relentlessly motivated by nonprofit work, allowing us to achieve inspired results for inspiring organizations.



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    Josh Riman

    Founder & President

    After graduating from Syracuse University, I spent nearly a decade immersed in the world of advertising, branding and marketing. I worked at great shops and made great friends, but never felt connected to my corporate clients.

    My quest for more meaningful work led me to the Taproot Foundation, who assigned me to a string of pro bono branding projects for NYC-based nonprofits.

    These experiences fundamentally changed the trajectory of my career, inspiring me to earn a master’s in Nonprofit Administration and launch Great Believer.

    Today, I live in Brooklyn with my lovely wife Missy and my ferocious cat Sunny.

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    Samantha Wasserman

    Account Manager

    A native New Yorker, I made the big move to rural Vermont to attend Middlebury College. There I fell in love with fall foliage and graduated with a degree in Neuroscience.

    Prior to Great Believer, I worked at a non-profit clinical research organization specializing in concussion research. I’ve always been passionate about the nonprofit space and have volunteered and worked with several youth service and mentoring organizations.

    I am fascinated by human behavior and love working closely with our clients to keep projects on track and successfully communicate their ideas.

    An enthusiastic podcast listener and coffee drinker, I also enjoy traveling, reading and singing in my free time.

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    Mike Yamagata

    Art Director

    Raised in Hawaii and trained at Western Michigan University’s School of Arts, I’m a multifaceted art director with an endless devotion to typography, illustrations and branding.

    My versatile creative approach allows me to bring effective design to Great Believer’s amazing clients. No matter the project, I bring a keen sense of style – and a keen sense of humor.

    In my spare time, I love listening to podcasts and exploring the food scene in Queens.

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    Lilia Aronoff-Aspaturian

    Junior Project Manager

    Originally from sun-soaked Los Angeles, I trekked across the country to attend college at Tufts University in Boston, where I experienced seasons for the first time and realized that football is a microcosm of nationalism.

    I graduated with a degree in Child Study & Human Development and feel most inspired when I can connect a classic psychology paradigm to broader systemic issues, like the criminal justice system and mental health care.

    When I’m not thinking (read: obsessing) about the above, you can find me lost in the YouTube algorithm, listening to Fleetwood Mac and laughing with friends.

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    Joe Westcott

    WordPress Developer

    I grew up in New York City, and worked for two of the bigger names in finance early in my career. The work was interesting and the people were nice, but it never felt like we were solving real problems.

    Eventually, I had the fortune to work alongside nonprofit professionals. Their passion for their work, and the good they did inspired me. I decided to work in the nonprofit field, and I’ve been helping nonprofits ever since.

    At Great Believer, I combine my passion for good causes and technology. I spend my days building custom websites and thoughtful online tools, all of which generate enthusiasm, support, and sign-ups.

    Outside of work, you’ll find me being climbed on by my toddler, riding my bicycle around town, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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    NatalieAnn Rich


    I grew up on Lake Michigan in the tiny, snowy town of Holland, Michigan – often referred to as Tulip City. And yes, I own several pairs of wooden dutch shoes.

    After earning a BFA in graphic design from Western Michigan University, I set out to explore and expand my design potential. Working at well-known shops (like FCB) on awesome brands (like Busch Gardens), I gained hands-on experience with branding, web design, publication design and typography.

    I now freelance full-time allowing me to focus on running A Women’s Thing Magazine (AWT), a rad magazine run by a group of amazing women! I was connected to Great Believer through my friends from Western Michigan, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

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    Max Millermaier


    A member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, I obtained a BFA in graphic design at the Gwen Frostic School of Art, Western Michigan University.

    My animation adventures have included collaborations with Google, Oscar Health and Trip Advisor. My alter ego is a designer, and he’s had the pleasure to rebrand The Kaplan Thaler Group, Labyrinth Theater Company, and The City University of New York, Graduate Center.

    I’m humbled to say my work has been recognized and featured in Graphic Design USA Print Awards 2011: Drawing for Graphic Design by Timothy Samara.

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    Zach Ruden


    Born and raised in Michigan, I crossed paths with other members of the Believer team at Western Michigan University. There, I received a BFA in graphic design and mastered the art of rubbing my belly and tapping my head simultaneously.

    Graduation was followed by the big move to New York City. This new atmosphere connected me to a range of opportunities and unexpected interests. Though design has always been my true passion, I found myself falling for animation and even dabbling in development.

    Today, my life is a pie chart with three equal slices: art, technology and beer.