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“We came to Great Believer with the mission to get college students nation-wide registered to vote – and we had to move quickly!”

Elizabeth Matto, Director of Center for Youth Political Participation

Turning out the vote.

Over the years, we’ve launched websites for several Rutgers University institutions, including their Center for Youth Political Participation (CYPP). CYPP runs a program called RU Voting, which aims to register, mobilize and engage Rutgers University students in the political process. When CYPP asked us to create a microsite encouraging college students across the country to register and vote, we jumped at the opportunity.

To show the value of each vote, the microsite featured language spotlighting the impact young adults are poised to have on the 2020 Election. We amplified this urgency by counting down the seconds until Election Day and featuring staggering state-by-state statistics exposing the low rate at which 18–29 year-olds voted in 2016.

Considering the importance of this endeavor and the attention span of our audience, we knew this site had to clearly organize the information needed to register and vote. To that end, we made an interactive map on the home page the microsite’s focal point. Once visitors click on their state, they’re taken to a page with a clear, concise run-down on how to register and vote.

In the weeks leading up to launch, we trained several Rutgers undergraduate students on how to manage the site through WordPress so they could add registration and voting information for each state. We also designed a social media graphic template, allowing the CYPP team to promote the launch of this microsite via various social channels.

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“Great Believer created a clear, user-friendly site that demystifies the process of voter registration and compels students around the country to vote.”

Elizabeth Matto, Director of Center for Youth Political Participation
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