One Degree

  • Year: 2017
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Shifting the influence.

Two influential groups were partnering on a campaign to reach the 25% of Americans who drink at levels that could lead to serious health concerns.

Peer Assistance Services is a Colorado-based organization focused on prevention and intervention for those with substance abuse issues.

Kognito is a health simulation company that uses virtual humans to prepare people to lead real-life conversations that change lives.

The campaign aimed to inspire everyone to have honest conversations with friends and loved ones who struggle with alcohol dependencies. Great Believer was tapped to handle the branding and website.

The campaign is rooted in the idea that small life changes can help to promote overall well-being. Riffing off the concept of “small life changes,” we coined the name One Degree and paired it with the tagline Shift the Influence.

After running through a branding assessment of One Degree’s peers, our partners told us they wanted a logo that speaks to communication and progress. We created an abstract mark that melds the number one and a degree symbol, and pairs it with powerful typography.

We brought the campaign to life through an interactive microsite, where visitors are invited to participate in simulations. These virtual conversations show visitors how to have meaningful dialogue with loved ones and remind them that a One Degree shift can change a life.

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