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“This video will be used to educate New Yorkers about health care access, help them to understand the benefits of NYC Care and encourage them to enroll in the program.”

Carmen Boon, Senior Strategic Communications Director for NYC Care

Health care across NYC.

When NYC Health + Hospitals – the largest public health care system in the United States – asked us to create an animated video for their newest health care access program, we couldn’t wait to get started. The program, NYC Care, guarantees health care for individuals with barriers to access health insurance, such as immigration status or ability to pay.

In order to resonate with as many New Yorkers as possible, we wrote a script that clarifies the many facets of NYC Care and makes the concept of health care less intimidating. To make sure we were speaking to key NYC communities, we held a recording session to capture the script in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, Haitian Creole and Bengali.

A thoughtful storyboarding process was necessary to ensure clarity and smooth transitions, since the same visual elements were being used for 30- and 90-second videos. Building off Julia Rothman’s illustration style, our vibrant storyboards accentuated NYC Care’s vital services and detailed how the program’s model unlocks health care for an expansive population. We brought Julia’s style to life through custom icons and background textures, creating a video with energy and warmth. 

The final videos make health care more approachable and demonstrate NYC Care’s caring philosophy: every single human deserves dignity and respect, and access to health care is a critical first step.

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Great Believer was a great partner on this project. The video they created for us is as an effective tool that the NYC Care team uses to educate New Yorkers who have long been deprived of health care access about the program, allowing them to finally unlock that access and start living their healthiest lives.

Carmen Boon, Senior Strategic Communications Director for NYC Care
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