Centers for Community and Academic Research Partnerships

  • Year: 2018
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“A lot of people are scared off by research, but we know it can uplift communities and save lives.”

Crispin Goytia, CCARP’s Program Manager

Complex studies made simple.

Centers for Community and Academic Research Partnerships (CCARP) is a Mount Sinai initiative that ensures the community’s values are heard and respected in research studies.

The idea of “research” can be pretty mysterious. Will I have to give blood? Do I have to take time off from work? Can I tell anyone about it? Our goal for the video was to demystify the process, focusing on the transparency of CCARP’s research endeavors and the life-changing results of participating.

We started by writing a script where three friends are having a casual conversation in the park. Next, we brought the park scene to life through custom character illustration and dynamic environmental details, like pigeons hopping around and the glare of the sun. Our fluid animation sequences engage viewers and invite them to eavesdrop on this conversation. Last, we created cuts in both English and Spanish, creating a platform that speaks to the diverse residents of East Harlem.

Altogether, the video allowed CCARP to introduce the value of research studies and show why they’re important to everyday life.

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“The video Great Believer created is having a positive impact throughout East Harlem. We love how it turned out!”

Crispin Goytia, CCARP's Program Manager
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