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“If every data point represents a person, how can we show the missing data – and missing people – and make our work compelling?”

Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, Data2X’s former Director of Communications

Filling in the gaps.

Data is one of the most powerful agents of change. But is change possible with an incomplete picture? Data2X identifies where there’s missing or incomplete information about the lives of women and girls and, through partnerships, explores methods to bring global attention to this critical issue and fill the gaps.

Our challenge was to find a compelling and creative solution to showcase the importance of this data without using photos. Through an illustrative approach, our designers focused on the concept of incompleteness — what the design might look like if it were missing half of its integral pieces. As users scroll down the home page, icons appear and lines guide the eye – inviting everyone to see the full picture.

We developed a comprehensive system of over 50 icons, all of which were designed to represent elements of the public and private spheres addressed by gender data. Each icon is unique, and together as a set they reflect the diverse aspects of women’s lives.

Data2X continues to use these icons in collateral materials, energizing their research and reports, and helping their work to resonate on a deeper level.

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“Great Believer was unrelenting in their desire to understand our work and communicate it in a fun and dynamic way. When I show off our website, people are blown away by how vibrant it is, and how it so clearly tells the story of gender data gaps.”

Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, Data2X's former Director of Communications
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