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“We run many different programs and there are so many players involved in our participants’ success. This year, we want to speak to our cohesive team effort.”

Shawn Hegele, BWI’s Director of Fundraising and Evaluation

It takes a village.

Through its varied programs, Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) empowers low- and moderate-income people by creating living-wage opportunities and access to career paths. In their 2018 annual report, BWI strove to showcase how the individual, the organization, the employers and the community come together to counter systemic workplace inequalities, especially those aggravated by race or gender.

BWI bucked the trend of the classic annual report, opting for a tri-fold that includes space for more visually appealing designs in place of the usual large lists of donors and staff. Using an illustrative style, we created unique icons for each program and used guiding lines to frame descriptions, showcasing how each individual is necessary to make the whole run smoothly. On the cover and throughout the report, those guiding lines draw the reader’s eye across the page and incomplete shapes around program descriptions emphasize how BWI’s programs work together to break the cycle of poverty.

We also wanted to strike a balance between iconography and photography, so we included photos of participants to highlight the personal nature of BWI’s impactful work and show how individual lives are changed.

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“We love how this annual report ties all of our work together and shows the direction we are moving toward in the future. Great Believer’s creativity inspired us every step of the way.”

Shawn Hegele, BWI's Director of Fundraising and Evaluation
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