Young Black Lawyers’ Organizing Coalition

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“When I started YBLOC, I really needed some support to brand and successfully market ourselves to lawyers, organizers and voters across the country.”

Abdul Dosunmu, YBLOC’s Founder & Chief Strategist

Ballots for Black futures.

Heading into an historic election year, Young Black Lawyers’ Organizing Coalition (YBLOC) filled an integral space in the voting protection community by bringing together Black lawyers and law students to safeguard Black voting rights. YBLOC first reached out in early 2020 to create postcards encouraging Black voters in South Carolina to turn out for the presidential primaries – and we were honored and excited to support their mission. 

As the organization’s influence began to spread across the country, there was an immediate need to create a website that exemplified the spirit of YBLOC and motivated users to join their fight. We paired a non-partisan color scheme with sharp angles and layered photographic elements, conveying the energy and urgency of YBLOC’s efforts. We also introduced a social media graphic visitors can easily share to their social channels, encouraging them to spread the word and grow the coalition. We’re proud that YBLOC’s website was listed as one of DesignRush’s Best Black Web Designs!

As Election Day drew nearer, we created a flyer for a teach-in on voting rights, which YBLOC coordinated across multiple states with community organizations. We also designed state-specific postcards with pertinent registration and voter information. Each of these pieces mirrored the aesthetic of YBLOC’s website and helped to established a consistent brand.

As the organization continues to grow and expand its reach, we’ll keep finding ways to join forces and create tools that help to protect our democracy.

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“Great Believer hit the nail on the head and was immediately able to create a beautiful visual demonstration of the work we do. They went above and beyond with each project we worked on together.”

Abdul Dosunmu, YBLOC's Founder & Chief Strategist
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