Sunset Park Avenues
Elementary School

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“There are almost 2,000 public schools in New York City. We need to stand out from the crowd!”

Jill Smith, Principal of Avenues

Shining light on Sunset Park.

When we first met Jill Smith, she was preparing to open a public school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Jill had a vision for a school that took a progressive approach to education – something the community had never seen. She named it Sunset Park Avenues Elementary and was searching for a logo that captured the school’s unique outlook.

After a series of conversations with Jill, we dreamed up several ways to build the brand. Jill was most drawn to an abstract mark with a literal twist. The icon and font worked in parallel to represent a sunset, a park and avenues – creating a logo that illustrated power, potential and progress.

With the logo locked in, we worked closely with Jill to create other branded materials. Brochures, letterhead and business cards helped Jill to introduce her school to the community and build excitement around its launch.

Through our relationship with the Department of Education (DOE), we’ve branded several new Brooklyn-based schools. These experiences are full of meaning and we’re humbled to have played a role in the launch of Sunset Park Avenues Elementary.

“Great Believer personalized the process from the start, learning about our school’s journey, mission and vision. The final logo is now recognized throughout neighborhood!”

Jill Smith, Principal of Avenues
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