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“Our initial goal was to create a faster, cleaner, and simpler website. However, as we began the development process, we identified additional challenges related to a confusing user experience.”

Melissa Kuper, Spectrum360’s Director of Communications & Community Relations

A website with a 360° view.

Spectrum360 is a leader in special education and adult services for people with autism and related disabilities. Unfortunately, their old website was plagued with issues, including antiquated page layouts and separate microsites for each of their programs. Spectrum360 was eager for a new website that spotlighted their work and created a renewed sense of energy.

Speaking of energy, Spectrum360 had recently unveiled a new logo with a vibrant color palette. Building upon this energy, we created a unique digital aesthetic featuring organic shapes, layered icons and offset headlines. Since Spectrum360 supports students and adults alike, we made sure these design elements brought a ton of personality without coming across as juvenile.

The rest of the website built upon this energetic aesthetic. Their immersive Mission & Values page features an interactive timeline and custom icons for Spectrum360’s core values. Spectrum360’s programs are given color-coded home bases that serve up pertinent details across a set of clear categories. And the Spectrum360 Stories database organizes the latest stories and news by the programs they relate to.

This was a fun one to build. For starters, even the most complex pages (like Mission & Values with its interactive timeline) are easily editable within the WordPress back-end. Second, we built out a new Calendar tool that works well across all devices and outlines upcoming events in multiple views. Last, we built a series of reusable features (like the content accordion at the bottom of the Support Spectrum360 page) that optimize user experience.

We’d love to shout out our messaging partner: copywriter extraordinaire Danielle Hughes! Danielle did an exceptional job of articulating Spectrum360’s values and programs, which led to a website that looked great and told a clear story.

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Spectrum360’s new website received the Outstanding Website award from the Web Marketing Association 2022 WebAwards competition and got First Place in the Website Category from New Jersey School Public Relations Association 2022 Annual Communications Awards!

We’re so proud of the new Spectrum360 website. This project was a true collaboration from day one, and we look forward to future collaborations with the Spectrum360 team.

“One of the best decisions we made was working with Great Believer to improve our website. Their comprehensive process allowed us to strengthen our brand identity and address areas for optimization, resulting in significant improvements in user experience and website performance.”

Melissa Kuper, Spectrum360’s Director of Communications & Community Relations
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