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“Our organization has a special spirit and unique energy, which our old website didn’t demonstrate.”

Julie Silverman, Fresh Air’s Director of Communications

A breath of Fresh Air.

The Fresh Air Fund provides life-changing summer experiences for children from NYC’s underserved communities. This organization’s programs give kids the opportunity to enjoy outdoor summer adventures through sleepaway camp and visits with host families.

For an organization focused on the fun of summer, their old website was a total bummer. After spending a day at Fresh Air’s camps and playing our fair share of kickball, we got into the mindset to make it happen.

One of Fresh Air’s most valuable assets is its treasure trove of incredible imagery. We dove into this resource, creating an image-heavy design system that puts the kids front and center. These awesome pictures are complemented by eye-catching graphics, charming iconography and playful fonts.

But we didn’t stop there. We took the fun even further with action-oriented language, parallax animation and interactive maps and timelines – altogether providing visitors with a heavy dose of the energy campers experience each summer.

We loved the opportunity to unleash our inner child and continue channeling that same energy into other projects with Fresh Air, like their 2019 annual report.

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“Our new website captures the excitement and impact of a Fresh Air experience. Great Believer inspired us and offered creative ideas, resulting in a site that reflects all the fun Fresh Air children have.”

Julie Silverman, Fresh Air's Director of Communications
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